Verser Submitted Episode Ideas

Man VS. Some Sadistic Sh*t

Wix sent this one in:

Message: Hi – are you guys still active? If you are would love to see
a couple of Man vs films about:

– Man vs ballbuster. A serial ballbuster mercilessly busts Man’s
balls with punches, kicks, uppercuts.

– Man vs. leech. Leeches suck the life out of Man.

– Man vs. Freeze. Man battles a superhero who can freeze and toy
around with the victim.

– Man vs electric torture. Man is captured by gangsters and tortured
with electric clamps on his nipples and nuts.
Hmmm…don’t really have a pic to upload for this one. Vivid imagination Wix, vivid. And to answer your question, yes, we’re back!

Man Vs. Rednecks

Chris from NY sent this one in:

Man Vs. Survivor


Tara wrote: “You should have Floyd doing a survivor like thing (like the
show) in a “jungle” and possibly somehow involve Jaw’s man-eating

That would be sweet!”

Great idea- thanks Tara!

Man Vs. Godzilla!

Came to us via our MySpace page! Thanks for the idea, Raymond!

Man Vs. Ted on Steroids

Here’s Justin’s idea
I would love to see a Man Vs. Ted where Ted has finally had
it with Floyd’s shenanigans and goes on a violent (possibly steroid
induced) rampage destroying everything in his path.
Steroids Does a Body No Good
Great idea, Justin! We just might have to hop Ted up on a well-mixed cocktail of steroids and HGH and then set him loose on Floyd for some good old fashioned steroid-rage!
Thanks for the idea!

Man Vs. Telemarketers and more!

Lars sent in these ideas:
Man VS telemarketers (guy just trying to get off of call
lists ETC)
Car Boot
Man Vs car getting booted (or parking authority) maybe
he does not even own a car so they boot his foot, because he was
standing in a no standing zone
Groove Temple
Man VS easy listening (everywhere
dude goes chuck mangione or kenny g plague him)
man vs EXTERMELY lazy

(your guess is as good as mine)


Hanif’s suggestion:
Karate Kid
Hey guys! Love your show. I would like to see a “Man Vs.
Karate Kid” or something with some martial arts cuz I loved the “Man
Vs. Dragon.” Keep up the good work.
Thanks Hanif! We’d love to have an episode where Floyd kicks the crap out of Ralph Macchio and then Mr. Miyagi makes an appearance and snaps Floyd’s neck and then makes Ted wax his car!


Submitted by Trey
Thanks for the idea Trey!