What is MAN VS?

MAN VS. was created to fill a deep void in America. Death. Fake death. Everybody dies, and when they’re not dying they’re thinking about dying. Faking dying, that is. Well, MAN VS. has taken it a step further: We fake die a thousand times for hilarity’s sake and for the pure, hard core adrenaline rush. Also, as a side note, we’re desperately hoping that Carl Weathers will make an historical return to the movie screen. And we’d like the following to go on record: We believe that ACTION JACKSON is the greatest, most classic action film of all time and of all history. We’re secretly hoping that our hilarity-filled episodes of Man Vs. will lure Mr. Weathers back from whatever secret mission he’s been on for the last twenty years, so that he once again graces the screen with his face-splitting punches and sterilizing crotch kicks. Wham!

Man Vs. is asked countless times, “What do you guys like?” So here’s a list to satisfy the curiosity cats:
Man Vs. digs the following (in no particular order): Ninjas, nunchucks, karate chops, backflips, explosions, jumping out of airplanes, leaping in the air as an explosion goes off (the A-Team kicked ass at this), avoiding AK-47 fire, surmounting ridiculously high walls, spelunking caves and then hooking up with babes, pulling swords from stones, swimming underwater and placing C-4 on the hulls of enemy submarines and then getting the hell out of there just before submerged explosion blasts the hell out of everything, fighting aliens, nunchucks, ninjas, Jumping through plate glass windows and rolling away to safety, dodging shotgun blasts, high speed car chases, hanging onto helicopters while they try to whip you off, saving queens/princesses, grabbing gold idols and running from huge boulders, wrestling humanoids, thwarting sinister plans, protecting the innocent.

If you want to get technical about it, the ongoing serial comedy Man Vs. is about Floyd, a prankster who spends his free time acting out fake deaths that annoy his roommate, Ted.

Man Vs. wants to hear from you! Post your comments and tell us how you think Floyd should die next.

Who we’d like to meet:
MAN VS. wants to meet a real-life Ninja, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood (but he has to act like Dirty Harry the entire time), Steven Seagal, Sigourney Weaver, Tina Turner (but she has to be dressed up as Aunty Entity from MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME). MAN VS. would also like to meet Angelo Rossitto (Master) and Paul Larsson (Blaster)- the dynamic duo who were MASTER BLASTER in THUNDERDOME; we’d also like to meet Kjell Nilsson (Lord Hummungus from THE ROAD WARRIOR) and we’d like to meet “Mad” Max Rockatansky, but we’d kick his ass and drive away in his Interceptor, because that’s the car that MAN VS. would drive. MAN VS. would also like to meet some brothers, namely Carl Weathers and Wesley Snipes, Bill Duke (AKA Sargeant ‘Mac’ Elliot” in PREDATOR), Denzel Washington (but he has to TRAINING DAY it up when we meet him), Jim Brown (but he has to be dressed up as Fireball from THE RUNNING MAN) and Jerry Hill (as Cyrus from THE WARRIORS). On that note, we’d also like to meet Jerry Hewitt, who was the leader of the Baseball Furies in THE WARRIORS. We also want to meet Christopher Walkin and Patrick Swayze, but Swayze has to act like James Dalton, head bouncer of the Double Deuce, or as Sam Elliott (Who we also want to meet) so affectionately called it, “The Double Douche.” We also want to meet B.A. Barachus.

Our motto: Man Vs. Lives To Die!