Man Vs. Films is a visionary content house co-helmed by Matt Duggan and Trevor Boelter. We travel to the beyond and return with untold stories for the campfire. Back in the early days our web series Man Vs. broke YouTube. Trevor Boelter was a founding member of the legendary Annex Film Group and Matt Duggan was one of the first members to join the fun. The AFG made sixteen short films and won countless awards and screened internationally. Matt worked with Marlon Brando on his documentary series Lying for A Living; Trevor’s Beatles play about John Lennon …And Now It’s All This! premiered in Liverpool, England. 

Matt also wrote an ad campaign for Carl’s Jr. that was so good YouTube banned it. 

Trevor is publishing twisted tales to scare your children, and Matt’s groundbreaking great American novel Ostraca is now available on Amazon.

We just got back from Mars (thanks Musk) with a slew of new stories hand-picked for both long form and short form. 
Stay tuned.